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Chiang Rai

 Chiang Rai - the capital of the homonymous province is a small city and the main commercial center of the Golden Triangle, which lies on the border between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. 



 Lampang (or Nakhon Lampang) is a pretty city in the valleys of the rivers in northern Thailand, famous for its horse-drawn carriages. With a rooster as the emblem of the province, Lampang has a long history on the banks of Wang River. It is rich in archaeological evidence reflecting ancient civilizations of Hariphunchai, Lanna, and Burma.


Mae Hong Son

Nestled in a valley surrounded by high mountains, Mae Hong Son had remained isolated from the world. However, today Mae Hong Son is an ideal destination for many visitors with daily flights from Chiang Mai to the small Mae Hong Son airport. The number of visitors is growing thanks to spectacular scenery, ethnic villages and adventure


Attractions and activities to discover Mae Hong Son:

Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang is a pretty town in Mae Hong Son, in the north of Thailand. Located near the border with Myanmar, the city is ideal for tourists who want to go trekking.


Attractions and activities to discover Mae Sariang:


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